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About Us

We would like to welcome you to Insure In Spain (IIS).
We are an Insurance Agent, specialising in the insurance
needs of Expatriates living in Spain.

IIS has been set up by Andy Gregory, who has over 30 years' insurance experience and who is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (F.C.I.I.) which means that Andy does actually know what he is talking about!

During his international insurance career, Andy has travelled extensively throughout Spain and knows how the Spanish insurance market works.  This is an asset when it comes to dealing with Spanish Insurers.

Andy and the rest of the IIS Team specialise in every area of Expatriate
Insurance and continually work to provide a quick and efficient service to all their customers.

IIS offer the customer a personal human and straightforward approach to Insurance.

IIS can help you to insure your Car, Motorbike, Home, Medical, Pet, Legal Expenses, Travel and Funeral Plan and pride themselves on a professional service.

Andy has a sound and thorough working knowledge of all the policies provided by  IIS. This means they are highly qualified to answer and deal with any queries that you may have.

IIS is happy to quote for your insurance business via email, telephone, fax, or you can simply visit one of our offices.  IIS guarantees the same working day response.

IIS selects very carefully the Insurers they work with to ensure that, should a claim arise it will be dealt with promptly and efficiently, making the process hassle free.

IIS understands the problems that many expatriates experience dealing with insurance in Spain, but with the emphasis on the client and service, IIS promise that you will not be disappointed.

IIS is raising the standards of insurance for the Expatriate in Spain.

"I.I.S. can help you to insure your Car, Motorbike, Home, Medical, Pet and also Legal Expenses and pride themselves on a professional, personal service."