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You’ve moved to Spain to live.

By: Inland Magazine

You’ve moved to Spain to live. You know you need insurance but you’re not sure how things work over here.  Who do you turn to for help and advice?That’s exactly why Andy and Laura Gregory set up their company ‘Insure In Spain’ (IIS) in October 2006 last year to provide insurance with a human touch for the English speaking community on the Costa Blanca. 

Now based in Alcalali, Andy has over thirty years’ insurance experience in both the UK and Europe and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and Laura’s insurance background is a useful addition to the company’s professional approach.  Recently they’ve been joined by Adam Knighton to extend IIS’s range to the Alicante area.  Adam was with Direct Line in the UK for over 8 years. IIS also have Melanie Royle-Evatt,a UK solicitor on board.IIS offers all types of personal insurance including Home, Motor, Medical, Funeral, Pet, Travel and Legal Expenses.  Need a quotation for your car insurance?  IIS will get you one the same day, and you won’t be talking to a robot or listening to Mozart while you wait.  You’ll get a personal service every step of the way.Let’s take another example of the IIS service. 

Many of us move out to Spain with very few belongings, then we add to them over the months – TVs, computers, furniture and white goods.  IIS will telephone you four months after you’ve taken out a Home Contents policy just to make sure you’re still adequately covered.  Who else would do that?  And if you take out Medical Insurance they’ll even give you a free book of essential Spanish phrases to use when you’re talking to the doctor.Have you had a legal problem in Spain?
Insurance policies in Spain are not identical to their UK equivalents.  For example Legal Expenses are not normally included in a Home or Motor policy over here, so if you have problems (say) with your new home or car, you’re on your own. 

IIS have plugged that gap with their low-cost Legal Expenses policy.  For just 3.30€ a month you get an English speaking Advice Helpline who will help you with any legal or Spanish problem. Also legal costs to sue someone if they cause you injury or damage are included.  Now that’s peace of mind and value for money.So this is IIS in a nutshell – professional service with a human touch, and in a language you can understand.