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Funeral Plan

Funeral Insurance

One of your worries is that something unexpected could happen to you and that your close relatives are left behind to cover the costs of a funeral in such difficult moments. that is why we offer Funeral Insurance, an insurance with which you and your family are Guaranteed total peace of mind.


  • Funeral or repatriation, which guarantees the provision of a funeral service based on the sum insured
  • Transfer assistance, to cover the possible risks originating from the transport of the deceased policyholder
  • Telephone legal advice, which covers assistance to the direct family members of the policyholder, in order to help to obtain the death certificate, process the adjustment in the family register and the widow’s or orphan’s pension etc.

Main Advantages

  • It’s not necessary to decide between funeral and repatriation from the moment of contracting the policy, but rather the family members may decide the most convenient option for the passing of the loved one.
  • This policy guarantees the refund of the sum insured not used for the policyholder’s funeral.
  • This insurance also covers repatriation from any part of the world to the country of origin included in the policy
  • All this for a very competitive price compared to the other Funeral Insurances and Plans on the market

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