Motor Motorcycle House Medical Pet Life Insurance Funeral Plan

Medical Insurance

  • Ten different schemes with different benefit levels that can be tailored to suit an individual
  • No medical at application
  • Freedom to choose where to be treated
  • 24 hour private UK General Practioner Helpline
  • Cover for any EEA country
  • In-patient and day patient treatment
  • Out-patient services (including out-patient surgery)
  • Complementary treatment and home nursing
  • Cover for primary care
  • Reduced premiums for children
  • Renewal Premium based on age you join is the age you stay
  • Can choose to see an English speaking Doctor or Specialist
  • Dental cover now available
  • Full emergency cover throughout Spain
  • Annual Well Woman and Man check-up
  • Policies written in English
  • Policy cannot be cancelled by the Insurer if the premium is paid
  • English speaking Claims Service

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